I’m going to start off by noting that the blog The Jealous Curator is an amazing resource for finding artists, and that over half of the artists listed below I found there.


What do I love about these pieces? the compliment of drawn texture, flat color, white outlines, and the color choices themselves. They are simple and lovely.

Galleries + Retailers to find their work: velocity art and design, gallery revisted, ArtStream Studios, Shana Logic, Rare Device, Little Paper Planes, Modern, Art Star, and My Favorite Mirror


This woman makes amazing paper craft. Please check out her website (where I pulled the images from).

Some of her clients include: San Francisco Bay Guardian, Cosmopolitan Magazine, Anthropology Magazine, Warner Bros. Records, Chronicle Books, Paulette Magazine, The Bold Italic, La Boutique L’Art et La Mode, Conde Nast Traveler Magazine, Budget Travel Magazine, Hemispheres Magazine, PunchTab, Target.


Kirsten McCrea is a beautiful whiz at patterning and makes beautiful, beautiful work! I love how pattern makes the form while less busy pattern helps define the other elements while not cluttering the image.

Kirsten is the founder and editor of Papirmasse, an affordable art subscription that sends a monthly print to hundreds of people around the world every month. She is primarily a painter and exhibits nationally. Her works have been reviewed by The Walrus, Chatelaine, and the Montreal Gazette to name a few. She has illustrated for the Polaris Music Prize and Under Pressure Graffiti festival.


Gabriella Barouch has beautiful line work that I especially love when combined with her amazing technical ability and choice of colors. Also, the mid tone background with lights and darks added around it just makes me swoon.

Her work is showcased at the international 3×3 new talent gallery in New York. Some of her print clients have included CMYK, Popshot, Cent, Digital Arts, Digital Artist, Ammo, ARtflow, Carpaccio, Boston Dig Weekly, City Mouse, Designer Magazin, and Kneedeepinsleep Store. She’s also been featured in many online publications.


Jung Eun Park works beautifully with small repetitive pattern, simple colors, and a wonderful application of negative space within each patterned area.  And that is what I love about the work.

Jung Eun Park has exhibited work throughout New York City.


If you have never seen Dana Tanamachi’s work, or even if you have but have never gone to her website to check out the rest, do it! Because it’s amazing! I love hand lettering (as one may be able to see), and she is basically my idol for that. Not only is the lettering amazing, the design with the lettering is phenomenal! I hope one day I can develop skill like that.

Dana has worked for the likes of West Elm, Rugby Ralph Lauren, Google, The Ace Hotel, Adidas, Every Day with Rachel Ray, Lululemon Athletica, and Garden & Gun Magazine.


I’m not sure I can express how lovely I think ms. Anguiano’s work is. The use of colored pencil for the initial sketches that show through, the beautiful line quality, the subtle gradients and use of watercolor, they just add up to sweet pieces I could stare at for hours.

Adara Sanchez has worked for Antipasto magazine, Plastica Magazine and Master Project.










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