Forth Now & Fear No Darkness


There are more things I’d like to do to this, so I’m not going to say it’s done yet- but here’s a near-finished glimpse at a commission I’ve been working on.

It’s Theoden leading his troops into the battle of Rohirrim from The Return of the King, the moment after he gives that really inspiring speech and they’re all very inspired.

Dorky Pattern Attempt + Stylistic Trials

Happy New Year!

Alrighty, so to ring in the new year I attempted to make a pattern, and although it does repeat (can you say success?), it looks kinda dumb when repeated. So I’ve posted three different images-

The first is the original image before I split it up to pattern it. (Oh, also, I’m playing around with this whole no-lineart deal and some brushes)

The second image is the one that becomes the pattern (try saving it and making it your desktop- it repeats and matches up perfectly!)

The third image is it repeated. Eh- I could take it or leave it.

The important thing is that I really like how the teacup came out! And this style in general is kinda nice. Gonna keep working on it I think.

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