Typography Tuesday

It’s typography Tuesday! Today I work on hand lettering, creative lettering, and anything else that involves typography.

The main thing I did was the nature-themed alphabet above. But also for your enjoyment, here’s a man-bot seeing my name with his laser vision.

Man Bot Monday

Today is Man Bod Bot Monday!
(I wanted to draw robots more)

The first one is pretty much straight up the Iron Giant. The second one is me going off that idea for an illustration I’m working on…

Critique Cat

Ever since last year in a class called Design Systems, I’ve been drawing this cat in critique called, quite originally I know, Critique Cat. This snarky little fella basically is well dressed, drunk, and insults your artwork. He was originally based on teachers comments just amplified to be a real jackass, but now sometimes, like the ones below, he is vaguely related to critique.

This critique we used “john bucks” (named after our teacher, John Lee) to give to people we thought deserved money. Thus the money.

This Critique John brought us donuts.

Daily Sketchbook Exercises

Well it has been entirely too long since I’ve posted, not to mention my lack of posting in any sort of frequent manner. This, however, will hopefully change, as I’ve started doing daily sketchbook drawings that I plan on posting to here. (Daily!)

Be prepared for:
Man Bod Monday
Typography Tuesday
Wet Media Wednesday
Typography Thursday
First-Try Friday
Silly Saturday

More posts to come soon, y’all– In the meantime, however, here’re a bunch of little faces I doodled.


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