Project Four Proposal

My senior Illustration class (illustration 5) is primarily a portfolio preparation class, and our current assignment is to create a visual essay, documenting a subject. I have chosen to document points in my life through shoes in the form of a booklet, profiling the shoes, and then the place. The purpose of choosing shoes as the documentation subject arose from their constant presence within our lives, and the fact that many of my memories of places and events, even if I can’t remember what I wore or other details, I nearly always remember what shoes were on my feet. In this way shoes are a catalyst for memory, and more specifically, my own memory. Shoes also say a lot about a person. What they value, what mood they may have been in that morning. The story the shoes have to tell themselves, not just of one place but of the person who wears them, is also of particular interest to me. ┬áNext to each shoe portrait will come a landscape or painting of where the shoes have taken me and a small caption underneath. The particular moment with each shoe captures more than just a snippet from my life; it offers a viewfinder for how I am who I am today.

The pieces are to be executed in ink and gouache, then tweaked digitally. Once finished, they will be printed and bound as a small pamphlet, which makes sense because if the pieces tell a story, they should also be read more in a story format.

Project Three: Reworking Styling

I tried to work on the style that I used for painting. I don’t know if this is 100% there yet- but I do like the outcome. I feel that the main point is that keep working till something sticks.

Here it is! I wasn’t sure if I liked the warmer or cooler lines. So I am showing you both!

Note that this is what it looked like when I scanned it- Thank goodness for photoshop! The colors remind me of thanksgiving, or a chicken pot pie.

Sunday & Monday’s Progress + Business Cards

Well, I’ve finally finished redrawing my original sketch, and now I’ve started painting it. The painted part won’t be shown till later when I have more done. I’ve got a lot of work to do today, still, with two full illustrations to work up for my independent study meeting tomorrow and about 50 pages to read ┬áto get caught up for my reading due Thursday in my Imperial Russian History class.

I soldier on, though!

First fun little thing:
I made my first repeatable pattern today that actually lines up correctly! Exciting, I know. Plus, I’m going to supply the image to y’all as a cute little download in case you also want a neat-o background.

Check out how apple-y my background is on my computer now:

All you gotta do is click on the image, save it, and when making it your background choose “tile”! woo hoo!

Alright. Next little piece of business. (Or should I say, business cards) I gave it away in the parentheses. Also, just a heads up, I make really stupid jokes sometimes.

You’ll never guess why I made that apple background, either:

So that’s the front and back of my cards. They should get here right in time for the Cooper Young Festival.

Which leads me to another update, all before I actually get to my artwork…

I’m in the Cooper Young Festival! I’m sharing a tent with three good friends. If you live in Memphis, come check us out, I’ll be selling handmade books, letterpress stationary with original illustrations, prints, and more!

Alright. Now for the stuff that applies to my class.

Here’s my revised sketch. Sorry it’s kind of light.

And here’s my super-fast-less-than-5-minute color light study for it.

So anyway, that’s about it. Thanks for checking in!

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