Critique Doodles

Today is critique in illustration and I’ve been doodling while I listen to everyone’s comments and feedback on everyone’s pieces. Doodling… a lot.

But I like the result of these little character drawings. Also, the script above is sort of a carolingian minuscule script. I also have an exam today in my paleography class.

Here’re some of my favorites from the first sheet:

Margin Doodles

Midterms week is next week, thus a general lack of posts it seems- but as I was going through my notes (well, actually, clearing out an old notebook to reuse), I came across some little doodles from my Imperial Russia history course last semester. Enjoy~

He doesn’t realize that his saber is bordering on a banana.

Bar Sketches 01

So as promised, I’m trying to post more regularly. So here’s what I have for you today! Some sketches from a show I went to on Saturday evening. Below are some quick sketches of the lead singer and bassist from the Gnarly Charlies of Muscle Shoals. I never actually met them, and they probably have no idea that I drew them. But I did, and their music was pretty good.

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