Works in Progress


So I realized earlier today that I’m producing a fair amount of work yet I’m not posting it because I still categorize it as a “work in progress” rather than finished piece. But I’m showing it to my class, so why not show it to the internet, too?

I’ve been taking a lot of process screenshots recently to send to my husband (who happens to be in Uganda currently) so he can keep up with what I’m doing and because he’s been curious about my process. (He’s not an artist, although his doodles are fun)

So I’m going to share those process screenshots here, too.

So it all starts with a preparatory sketch. Sometimes I do that in pencil, other times I do it on the computer. This happens to be drawn in photoshop.

Then comes the ridiculous part where I flat the image (basically I break down the sketch into flat shapes that I can easily select and work inside on a separate layer). The colors are obnoxious so I can see the difference between shapes easier. 

So as you can see I selected my palette and started working within each shape…

So above is the state this piece is at right now. Obviously it’s not done yet- the car looks miserable, and the foreground is pretty lazy at the bottom.

On to the next piece…

Here’s my initial sketch. I’ve been trying to work with with compositions that have multiple scenes within one panel, so using elements to break them up rather than boxing them into sections like a comic.  I can say this one needs some tweaking to get that across.

And again, this one isn’t completely finished either. The scenes aren’t distinguishable very well as separate yet, and the type is just filler till I can hand-letter it in a more period-appropriate font. And so many other things….

But voila! that’s what I’ve been working on recently. Or at least the past two weeks- should have another one of these to show by Monday.

I’m going to try to be better about posting regularly, I prefer not to let it all build up and then post everything in one big dump. (cough..)