Artists of the Moment (For Me): Edward Kinsella & Nadezhda Illarionova

Artists of the Moment (for me): Part One

Edward Kinsella & Nadezhda Illarionova

I was told about both of these illustrators by my teacher, John Lee (who, if you’re reading this and aren’t actually in class with me and this is the first you’ve heard of him, you should totally check out his work)

So both these artists are really great and I wanted to spread the word.

Edward Kinsella

His work is so lovely. I would love to eventually have multiple prints of his work. Here are some of the things I love about it:

It seems that he generally works on toned paper- sometimes brown, sometimes grey. This gives all his pieces a continuity to them that white would not.

In the same vein as that, his lovely addition of white paint onto that toned paper just makes my heart throb.

I also love that the skin of people is rendered well, while many of the other shapes around them are generally flat. This is a technique Klimt used as well (and to a different level), and it’s still something I admire.

Now, onto the next artist:

Nadezhda Illarionova


Slavic painters and illustrators never cease to amaze me. Honestly. And Nadezhda is no exception. Each piece has subtly modeled areas, except the skin- which is well rendered, and a beautiful continuity of tones. I believe this is also because of either midtoned paper or underpainting. The work is just striking, isn’t it?

When I look pretty closely, it seems that a lot of the rendering is done as stippling on top of a flat expanse of color. It gives the piece, rather than a seurat, pointilism effect, more of the feeling of photo grain, and exquisitely handled paint.

She is another illustrator that I would love to own prints of one day.

So that’s it for now! John showed me these illustrators and in turn, I’m sharing them as well. I hope they inspire me for my Dragon illustration– their work is beautiful.

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